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branding agency

on the West coast

We at Elandra Design know that brand is the most valuable asset of a company.


Hence we have invested in a comprehensive selection of branding services to help make your dreams of growth come true.


My name is Meliha Lehtonen and I am a Scandinavian Brand Designer and the founder of Elandra Design. Branding services are my personal favorite part of my entire job. 

My services cover everything from consultations to graphic design and webdesign. My target customers are those in need of clear, elegant and timeless branding services.

Whether you are in need of a logo, a visual brand look or a website, I got you! Sometimes it can be challenging to point out how you stand out from the crowd, but that's my specialty. To help you tell your target audience why exactly are you the one they will choose. Check out my service combos to answer your branding needs. 

Ready to elevate your brand? Contact me and we'll step into the waves of success together. 


Elegant and timeless logos to serve as the face of your brand and to showcase your brand identity.


The main purpose of a logo is to be memorable and get recognized. Recognizability brings credibility for the brand. 



A brand strategy is an important part of a company's marketing strategy. A branding strategy includes the values, qualities, identity and personality of the brand and ensures they support reaching the company's goals.


A brand strategy basically tells the story the company wants to tell and shows the company how it wants to be seen. It tells how the brand separates from their rivals, what kind of value it adds to the customers and what makes the brand stand out. A brand strategy aims for customer loyalty and recognizability. 



Is your website lacking spark? Are you having trouble recognizing the issues or where to start improving the site?


Book a website audition and we'll help you reach your goals. 



Additional to offering branding services for companies, we also offer them for individuals. Do you need a professional portfolio? Some new boost for your career? Let's get your LinkedIn profile, CV and social media on point so you can reach your career or hobby related dreams of growth! 

We also offer a course about personal branding. Read more from the courses section. 


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The visual look of a brand generally consists of a logo, colors, fonts, visual elements, pictures and graphics. These together form the persona and the identity of the brand. A united and well thought brand look creates a professional, quality and trust-worthy image and brings credibility for the brand.

From the brand designing services the cusomer receives a brandbook full of the details and guidelines that together form the look of a brand. 

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In branding additionally to the united look of the logo, website and social media profiles, the theme continues to all the marketing materials and possible business premises.

Brand design services taylored to perfectly match your needs.


These other marketing services can include styling your premises to fit the brand or designing the needed marketing materials. The needs of a brand vary a lot, so this is a very taylored service. 

Does your brand need a little facelift? Order re-branding services from us, whether you wish for a little updating or a larger change. 

If you feel a little something is missing, your brand isn't as coherent as you would like it to be or you haven't quite gotten your brand to a wished level, re-branding services are perfect for you to find that clarity and spark.



During the past years social media has been in a central role together with the websites.


In the social media services we offer, we determine the appropriate channels to fit your needs, get a united social media look for your channels and guidelines for the content to support your brand. Together we create clear goals and purposes for each channel and we offer you tips to reach your goals.


You can even buy ready posts if you wish. We offer social media post banks with different amounts of posts or monthly deals taylored to your needs. 


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We create visually dashing and content-wise catching and memorable websites. Digital marketing is a huge and relevant part of marketing and sales of a company. Yet the base of everything should be a genuinely good and well-functioning website.


Additionally to quality content and an amazing visual look, we also take care of SEO and other related details and give you advice on maximizing the benefits of your new website.


We also offer content and facelifts for your existing websites.



Copywriting is often confused with content writing. These two are however different things.


Copywriting is the type of writing that aims to something specific, for example sales. The text is often problem-solving, sales-oriented and shows results in growing conversion. The text encourages the reader to take action towards the desired activity.


Copywriting is used i.e. in ads, spreadsheets, sales pages, brochures and landing pages. Writing this kind of content takes much more background research and effort from the writer than content writing. It requires getting to know the target group in a deeper level. 


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