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A brand is the most valuable assett of a company and it deserves attention and effort from the start. The little details, such as fonts, colors and images might often be discarded as unimportant, but actually have a great role in the bigger picture.


As the first visual element you automatically think about the logo. It functions as the face of the company, creates impressions and showcases the brand's identity. Logos have a significant role in the recognizability of the company and their main purpose is to be memorable and bring credibility for the brand.


A brand's look typically consists of the logo, colors, fonts, visual elements, pictures and shapes. These together form a brand's persona, identity and the way of saying things. A united and clear visual look creates the feeling of quality, credibility and professionalism.


The values of the company, their story and the brand look together form the brand persona. When creating a brand, a lot of questions are on the table. What are the core values of the company? How about their strengths? How do they stand out and why should their target audience choose them? What do they do differently than their competitors? In the process of branding these questions are answered and combined to a coherent and outstanding outcome.

A brand strategy is an important and a vital part of a marketing strategy. The brand strategy answers what are the values, qualities, identity and personality of the company to bring them towards their desired goals. The brand strategy sums up how the company wants to be seen and what kind of value it wants to add to their target audience and how they differ from their rivals. The goal of the brand strategy is building long-term relationships with clients and gaining recognizability and credibility.

When creating a brand, you need a brand strategy, a logo, a united message and a coherent visual look. With these you are off to a good start.

Often when purchasing brand services from a provides, the outcome is a brandbook. The book includes different forms of the brand's logo, fonts, colors, details about the visual look of the brand, pictures, general style of communication and content. Guidelines for the foundation of everything, if you will. The brandbook is a useful tool for keeping the brand look coherent.

With successful branding you attract your target audience in just the right way and build long-term relationships with them successfully.

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